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JAMIE CATTO - Turn Your Demons into Employees

Jamie Catto, Creator, Producer/Director of the multi-award winning “1 Giant Leap” films and albums, and founder member of Faithless is now leading uniquely transformative workshops and one-on-one sessions. Drawing from the richly diverse wisdom and techniques he has encountered during his travels across all five continents, he has forged creative techniques and exercises to spark both Professional and Personal breakthrough.


On Transforming Shadows you will learn how to transform unruly demons into employees and harvest the many gifts within challenges instead of exhausting yourself battling them.


You will learn how to dissolve and heal blocked emotions and the pain of old habits which weigh you down and reframe negative beliefs which hold pain-loops in place.


You will laugh your head off and realise how much energy you’ve been wasting wearing masks to satisfy other people whose values you don’t necessarily share.


You will forgive yourself for all the shame and negativity you’ve allowed yourself to carry due to old beliefs from uptight parents, carers and teachers of old.


You will reclaim vast amounts of energy and joy and channel it into your creativity and passions.